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    AvatarYe Chu

    I was lucky today to have any participants on my rainy day hike, but a new member who recently moved here from London, England, wisely said “the rain usually stops at some point”.

    We started up the trail at 9:45 am and shortly after the rain stopped and snow flakes fell.  After the half way point, all precipitation ceased. Micro spikes were not necessary as the snow was soft. My fellow hiker didn’t even wear gloves.

    We had a fun leisurely conversation up the mountain, (new member is a journalist ) and we seem to loose track of time and had to rushed to get to the gondola for our download time/reservations.

    I have noticed on my last couple of hikes, we are getting lots of new members coming out and hopefully this will continue.

    Happy New Year!

    AvatarKaren Peters

    I didn’t know about this hike. I didn’t get an email update about it. I seem to have gotten unsubscribed from all the forums. Is this glitch still happening every time we renew our NSH membership?

    Murat GMurat G

    “…I seem to have gotten unsubscribed from all the forums…” — Really? I can see that notification of the trip topic has been sent to your email address successfully on Jan 2, 2021, 11:46:11 AM.

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