Another helm creek crossover report…did we see Sasquatch!?!?!

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    Ye Chu

    Thanks to the participants, we had a very successful crossover parking two cars at Rubble creek and two at Cheakamus. Please note that Parking was a nightmare at Rubble creek. Cars were parked way down the road. Reminded me of Joffre lakes’ parking issues. Parked in front of us was a guy who was there for a second day as he lost his car keys on panorama ridge the day before when his backpack blew away. He got a car key specialist to drive up to get his car started. The parking lot was mayhem with another guy asking us for a park ranger as his car battery was dead.

    At 9:15 am, we started our hike from the Cheakamus side and stopped every 30 minutes to regroup. We had lunch at the first lake with gorgeous views to Black Tusk and Empetrum peaks.  Crossing helm creek was a breeze as they have built a stone/metal bridge. I decided to stay behind to get photos of the group on the other side of the river. When I did so, I saw huge footprints on an almost a vertical wall behind the hikers. I quickly crossed the bridge and examined the footprints. They were 16” long with a stride width of at least 5’ on centre. I saw huge claw marks that traversed the 75% slope with ease. Looking up higher, I saw parallel tracks on an also vertical face that defied gravity! On this moon scape landscape, it was very eerie indeed. Other hikers thought they were human footprints. I will let you decide. See my photos.

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