Lighthouse Park via Stearman Beach

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2 thoughts on “Lighthouse Park via Stearman Beach

  1. Hi Gordon,

    I am a new member so I am still figuring out the site works. I thought I would start off with this hike to Lighthouse Park. The question I have is how long is it. Or where do I find details or are there any.



  2. Hello Lori,

    Welcome to our club!

    The length and difficulty of our hikes are given in the “Category and Level” section. For this event, it is an “A2a” as you can see. You can go to the “Activities” tab and choose the “Classification of Hikes”. This will bring you to a page explaining how the classification works.

    You may google “Lighthouse Park” for more info. And of course you can call the leader too, as long as you don’t call him too late at night or too early in the morning.

    Happy hiking!