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Coexisting with grizzly bears

The Squamish Chief has published an interesting article on the impact of back-country use for recreation on grizzly bears, see

They advise to carry bear spray and to avoid surprising bears.

However they don't even mention the devastating impact of the resource extraction industry (forestry, mining) on grizzly habitat. Also they don't mention some of the biggest reasons for grizzly deaths : collision with trains and cars and trophy hunting.

How North Shore Hikers Began

Did you know that NSH is founded in 1958? Below is an excerpt from the club bulletin published on November 1961:

“The founding meeting, on November 28, 1958, was called by Mr. Harcourt Roy, at that time Executive Director of the Central Fitness Council in North Vancouver. Apparently a few people had expressed interest in hiking, so Mr. Roy, (always one to try to get things done), set the wheels in motion. An executive was quickly elected and it wasn't long before the first hike was held - - the West Trail of Seymour Mtn. on December 14th. Since that time we have lost some very enthusiastic members, mostly because they have moved away, but we have gained new members to fill these gaps and are making headway steadily. Hikers who were present at the founding of the club and who are still members, Lehn, Ulla & Victor Jorgensen, Harold ("Hank") & Sylvia Stirland, Stewart Boyes and Alfred Temmel. Unfortunately we don't see much of Stewart since he moved to Cloverdale and Alfred's work seems to keep him fully occupied. We feel the club is much appreciated by those who like to hike but who do not wish to take part in real mountaineering. It is certainly pleasant to see some of the surrounding country along with others who enjoy the out-of-doors.”

For the complete bulletin and more, follow this link: Bulletins from the 60s

Trail management on Bowen Island and Covid-19

There is a new group on Bowen Island, Bowen CAN (Community And Nature) which recently put together a fact sheet to address the concerns many islanders have with the way trail use on Mt. Gardner is being managed.

Specifically there is concern about the growing use of motorized vehicles on the mountain and lack of public consultation.

Given that there used to be people from off-island who also enjoy hiking Mt. Gardner, they sent this fact sheet to NSH, asking that we share it with our members.

This fact sheet was put together in January 2020 before the current Covid-19 pandemic evolved, and therefore does not mention any resulting restrictions to trail access on Mt. Gardner.

Bowen Island Municipality and Tourism Bowen Island are asking that people not visit Bowen Island and its trails during the current Covid-19 emergency according to

Detour to Deeks Lake from Porteau Road

At Porteau Road Hwy 99 exit parking lot this sign is posted :

Follow the pylons with a hiking symbol to get to the HSCT Howe Sound Crest Trail along detour via old trail and back onto access road to Deeks Lake :

Descend the exit road back down south to Hwy 99 level. Then turn sharp left onto old trail where an old fence meets the highway.

Ascend old trail for about 1km. This trail has been reactivated with new steps, and brush and logs cleared. Where the old trail used to go straight up towards the gravel access road follow the new trail turning to right, parallel and just below the access road. After another 300m or so the new trail joins back onto the access road to Deeks Lake.

“Our” Lesley Bohm is presenting at Nature Vancouver

7:00 PM - Thursday, Sep. 19, 2019

Unitarian Centre (Hewett Hall)
949 West 49th Avenue - Vancouver

Botanical artist and NV member Lesley Bohm will share with us some of the processes involved in creating different kinds of botanical art. From field sketches to technical drawings, scenic overviews to cellular details, her talk will be richly illustrated with both examples of her own work, and historical botanical paintings in different styles.

See details: