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Old-growth harvesting in BC not slowing down

For background information on the continued logging of old-growth forests despite last fall's NDP election promises to protect old growth see:

For a map showing how little old growth remains in BC see:


For more reports on how the old-growth logging in BC is not slowing down at all see:


Destination Hikes by Stephen Hui

A new guide book, "Destination Hikes" by Stephen Hui has recently been published and Greystone Books generously donated six copies to the club to be given to members. We are planning to have a draw and announce the winners here soon (Update May 28: Results are announced in the General Forum and winners are notified by email)

Here is the news from the publisher:

Stephen Hui's new book Destination Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia

Stephen is a go-to expert for hiking advice and the bestselling author of 105 Hikes. Destination Hikes is a guide to 55 hikes near Vancouver, each with an exciting destination—including breathtaking views, swimming holes, and even a 600-year-old tree. In addition to recommendations for 55 hikes across the Lower Mainland, the book advocates specifically for conservation and maintenance programs in our parks.

You can find Stephen at or on Instagram @stephenhui

Coexisting with grizzly bears

The Squamish Chief has published an interesting article on the impact of back-country use for recreation on grizzly bears, see

They advise to carry bear spray and to avoid surprising bears.

However they don't even mention the devastating impact of the resource extraction industry (forestry, mining) on grizzly habitat. Also they don't mention some of the biggest reasons for grizzly deaths : collision with trains and cars and trophy hunting.

How North Shore Hikers Began

Did you know that NSH is founded in 1958? Below is an excerpt from the club bulletin published on November 1961:

“The founding meeting, on November 28, 1958, was called by Mr. Harcourt Roy, at that time Executive Director of the Central Fitness Council in North Vancouver. Apparently a few people had expressed interest in hiking, so Mr. Roy, (always one to try to get things done), set the wheels in motion. An executive was quickly elected and it wasn't long before the first hike was held - - the West Trail of Seymour Mtn. on December 14th. Since that time we have lost some very enthusiastic members, mostly because they have moved away, but we have gained new members to fill these gaps and are making headway steadily. Hikers who were present at the founding of the club and who are still members, Lehn, Ulla & Victor Jorgensen, Harold ("Hank") & Sylvia Stirland, Stewart Boyes and Alfred Temmel. Unfortunately we don't see much of Stewart since he moved to Cloverdale and Alfred's work seems to keep him fully occupied. We feel the club is much appreciated by those who like to hike but who do not wish to take part in real mountaineering. It is certainly pleasant to see some of the surrounding country along with others who enjoy the out-of-doors.”

For the complete bulletin and more, follow this link: Bulletins from the 60s