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Club News – August 2021

Immediate vacancies in our Executive Roster

We are searching for volunteers to fill the roles of Webmaster and “C” Hikes Coordinator.

  • The Webmaster is responsible for developing and maintaining the North Shore Hikers website.
  • The “C” Hikes Coordinator is responsible for soliciting C hikes, entering them into the web schedule, and posting short notice hikes during the year.

Your club is run by volunteers and your contribution helps to ensure the club's success.

If you're interested in helping, contact Carol, our President, to discuss the required qualifications and position duties.

Annual General Meeting coming up in November

Each year at the AGM, we hold club elections and discuss issues of relevance to our club members. For November's AGM, we are looking to fill these additional club vacancies:

  • President: Convenes and chairs the quarterly Executive meetings and AGM. Presently the AGM is held on the 1st week of November, then Executive meetings early Dec., March, June, Sept. Meetings are held at the Renfrew Public Library from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Social Convener: Organizes Club events, such as the AGM (either October or November), special meetings, slide shows, and other social functions that come up from time to time.
  • Trip Report Secretary: The Trip Report Secretary is responsible for obtaining and keeping a detailed record of each club trip and for ensuring its availability, as required.

If you're interested in any club position, contact the President.

More information about the AGM will be sent to all members closer to the meeting date.

Membership Dues

Our annual club memberships expire on November 30. New members that pay their membership after October 1 get a two-month bonus with their new membership, which is valid until November 30, the following year. Spread the word to your friends who like to hike but have not yet joined a hiking club. Our club dues are a bargain at $25/year!

Multiple days hiking trips in the fall

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we did not have our regular week-long summer camp in 2019 and 2020, although we had several multiple-day outings. The most recent one was the three-day extravaganza in Whistler. For this fall, we are planning at least two more multiple-day days hiking events: Golden Ears and Manning Parks are on our radar for October.

COVID-19 and Club activities

We kept our club’s activities up to date and aligned with the evolution of the pandemic and Provincial Health regulations.

  • Our COVID-19 safety plan is available from our homepage.
  • We strongly encourage all participants to club activities to be fully vaccinated.

Carol Kautz,

8 members took Avalanche Skills Training Course (AST-1)

News item from Alastair, who organized this deal:

At the end of February, the NSH used some money that was bequeathed to it to subsidize an Avalanche Skills Training Course (AST-1). The deal was that the NSH would pay for half the cost of the course (normally approx $300/person), if the member pledged to lead 2 or 3 trips before November. Eight members accepted the offer. So, if you have a trip that you have long wanted to do, this is your chance.

They owe us!

The members were: Susan Allen, Joanne Boutin, Dorothy Gamble, Tyne Jomkasiti, Phyllis Mallett, Ramona Muljar, Karen Peters, and Shamim Shivji.

What is going on men?

The weekend course was held by Canada West Mountain School, and we were given a substantially reduced rate because we are a club; and because we provided a full course of 8 participants. Our members all learned a lot; and had a good time. They are a mix of A to D hikers, cyclists, and skiers. And they are eager to lead trips!

So please don’t hesitate to send one of them, your request.

Irene Miller

In February, North Shore Hikers lost a longtime member, Irene Miller, after a short illness at the age of 88. Irene was best known as our A hike coordinator leading hikes until 3 years ago! She held this position for many years and seemed to have a knack of getting members to volunteer to lead hikes. Irene’s knowledge of the north shore mountains was exemplary. For many of us, it helped us understand the maze of trails in the region. Her good sense of direction made it look easy to return to the trail head without getting lost. As a member for over 30 years, she holds the record for leading the most hikes for the club.

She was a very private person. We never knew exactly how old she was even refusing to disclose it to the medics when she needed first aid having injured herself on a hike. Many of us also didn’t realize that she was well known in other outdoor clubs, volunteering on their executives as well!

Irene will be remembered for her dedication, reliability, and conscientiousness during the years she devoted to providing and organizing hikes.

Her husband predeceased her 3 years ago and she leaves behind a son and daughter. The NSH have lost a member who will be thought of with great fondness for years to come.

Irene Miller Irene Miller

By Beth Kitts