Activity Guidelines


Make sure you are fit and experienced enough for the trip. If you are not sure, contact the trip leader to learn more about the hike. Be honest with yourself about your abilities. If you overestimate your abilities, or underestimate the difficulty of the trip, you put your safety and the safety of the group at risk. Make sure you have the appropriate equipment, that your equipment is in good working order, and that you know how to use it.

Note: The trip leader can refuse a participant if the leader feels the person is not adequately equipped.

If you are a new member

If you are a new member, please contact the trip leader in advance to get his or her consent. (Contact information is available on the website. Do not call before 9:00 a.m., after 9:00 p.m. or on the morning of the trip.) The trip leader will tell you about the trip—length, difficulty, terrain etc. Assess your abilities and decide if you will be able to do the trip. Discuss any questions you have with the trip leader.

If you are a not a member (joining a hike as a guest)

If you are not a member, you are welcome to try one hike as a guest. You must sign a waiver when you hike with the club as a guest.

  1. Select a hike suitable for your fitness level from the schedule. The classification of hikes page explains the hike rating system. Please also read the guidelines below and the Safety page before you attend the hike.
  2. Contact the Membership Secretary who will ask about your hiking experience to make sure the hike is suitable, and will tell you how to contact the hike leader.
  3. Print a copy of the waiver, read it carefully, but DO NOT sign it yet.
  4. Bring the waiver to the meeting point.
  5. Sign the waiver at the trailhead in front of the leader who will witness your signature.

Family Trips

If you are a member, and wish to bring your child on a trip that the leader has designated as a Family Hike or Family Bike:

  1. Ask the trip leader for permission to join the Family Trip and to bring your child.
  2. Print a copy of the Minors Acknowledgment. Both your child and you are to read it carefully; but DO NOT sign it yet.
  3. Bring the printed acknowledgment to the meeting point.
  4. Both your child and you are to sign the acknowledgment at the trailhead in front of the leader, who will witness your signatures.

Dog Hikes

A "Dog Hike" means that members and guests are allowed to bring dogs on the hike. If you see this designation on a hike, be aware that there will likely be dogs. If you plan to bring your dog, please let the leader know: the leader may restrict the total number of dogs. Do not bring a dog on a hike if you are not sure how it will behave on the trail with other dogs and other humans. Dog owners must be responsible for their pup to ensure its own safety and the safety of all hikers.

Getting to the Meeting Place or Trail Head

It is not the trip leader's responsibility to arrange for your transportation to or from the meeting place. Arrive at the meeting place at least 10 minutes before the stated departure time to give yourself enough time to sign up, arrange carpooling and meet the other members of the group


If you carpool, remember to reimburse the driver for carpooling costs at the end of the day. We suggest that drivers be compensated .30 per kilometre divided by the number of people in the vehicle, including the driver.  For example, if it was a 100km round trip and there was one passenger, the passenger would get charged 100 x .30 = 30 divided by 2 = $15. If there were three passengers, each would be charged: 30 divided by 4 = $7.50

This is just rough guidance, and it is up to the driver to ask for what they think is reasonable.  If you will be charging your passengers substantially more,  please let them know in advance.


On the Trip

Club trips are group trips. The leader will do his or her best to make the trip an enjoyable experience, but as a participant you have a responsibility to:

  1. Be properly equipped.
  2. Be considerate of others and their abilities.
  3. Keep the pace of the group. If the pace is too fast or if you are having difficulty, tell the leader or the end-person.
  4. Stay with the group and keep between the leader and end-person, unless the trip leader has explicitly made other arrangements. (For example, depending on group size and abilities, the leader may decide to split the group into two parties.)

Note : The trip leader may allow people who know the terrain to go ahead of the group, but people so doing are on their own regarding navigation, safety and recovery. People wishing to leave the group must strike their names from the sign-up sheet, and initial the right-hand column as acknowledgement.

Mountain Etiquette

We do our best to keep our forests and trails unspoiled for everyone to enjoy. Carry home all litter (including biodegradable material such as orange and banana peels) and leave plants and rocks where they are (except on trail clearing parties).

If you wish to smoke, please consider the majority who do not and ensure that you are well downwind. Please do not wear colognes or perfumes on trips. Some members are extremely sensitive to these chemicals. Scents may attract bears!