Hiking and Snowshoeing

Hiking and Snowshoeing are the club's main activities. Each weekend there is normally one and frequently two hikes of each Duration class (A,B,C,D). The Difficulty ranges from smooth trails to bush and serious scrambling. Many high elevation trips in the summer are done on snowshoes when snow blankets the mountains. The club does a lot of snowshoeing, as most areas nearby are not suited to skiing. We try to put on a wide variety of routes and destinations to suit all members.

In addition to local mountains, areas visited include Whistler, the Chilliwack Valley, Manning Park and Mt. Baker. Occasionally, usually on long weekends, we may even venture further into Vancouver Island and interior B.C.


Cycling is scheduled on Saturdays year round. It's mainly road cycling, with good trails and dikes included. A variety of urban and rural routes are done. Occasionally, multi-day cycles, such as the Gulf Islands, are scheduled.


Backpacking may involve a Saturday night or many days in the wilderness. Car camps are done for hikes that cannot be done in a day. The majority of backpacking occurs during the summer months, but some more adventurous members may organize winter camping. The size of the group is usually between 4 to 8 participants. Some locations for our backpacking trips are: Nootka Island, Spruce Lake, Tweedsmuir Park, Stein Valley, Tenquille Lake, Tonquin Valley and Rockwall.

Backcountry Skiing

Backcountry Skiing is mostly day trips, possibly to Garibaldi or Manning. Skins and transceivers are needed.

Trail Clearing

Each year club volunteers snip away bushes, remove wind-fallen branches and clear trees that block our trails. We maintain the Beth Lake, Deeks Lake, Petgill Lake, Mt Gardner, Lindsay Lake/Mt Beautiful, Stawamus Slhaney, Eric the Red and Mt Fromme South Ridge trails.  In 2011 we have expanded our role, collaborating with BC Parks to help maintain the Upper Shannon Falls, Chief, Stawamus Slhaney, and Howe Sound Crest trails. Most trail clearing trips are organized by the trail clearing coordinator, but any hike leader can organize a trail clearing trip or to include clearing in a regular hike (a “Hike and Snip”). Trail clearing trips are listed in our hike schedule.