About Us

Established in 1958, North Shore Hikers is one of the largest outdoor clubs in BC. We offer an average of six trips every week. Trip leaders share their experience and knowledge of the mountains, wilderness travel, outdoor equipment and skills. Activities include:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Backpacking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Snow camping
  • Trail maintenance

We offer fun outdoor activities in scenic surroundings. Locations range from the North Shore Mountains to points in all directions. Most are day trips, plus weekend or weeklong trips for longer distances. Here's where you can find us:

  • North Shore
  • Howe Sound
  • Squamish/Whistler
  • Chilliwack Valley
  • Fraser Valley
  • Mt Baker/Washington State
  • Hope/Manning Park
  • Coquihalla
  • Gulf Islands
  • Vancouver Island
  • Chilcotins
  • The Rockies

Early Days 

The first meeting of the club took place at the North Van Community Centre on November 28, 1958. It was chaired by Harcourt Roy from North Vancouver Central Fitness Council, and sixteen interested people attended. Four people were chosen to plan hikes, one for short hauls, one for day hikes, one for overnight trips, and one as a students' representative. The provisional name of the club was “North Shore Mountain Hiking Club”. This was changed to North Shore Hikers in December 1958. 

The first hike was set for December 14 and details of the hike were issued by phone: up the West trail of Seymour Mountain, meeting at 10 a.m. at Royalite Station at the foot of Mt. Seymour Highway. Cancellation notice to be broadcast on radio station CKLG in the early morning if weather is poor.  By April 1959 the club had acquired 20 members. 

Presidents over the last 60+ years

1959-1959 Desmond Hollox

Stewart Boyes

1960-1961  Bill Hughes
1961-1963 Hank Stirland
1963-1965  Dennis Frankenburg
1965-1967 Bob Harris
1967-1969 Frank Foster
1969-1970 Julian Fears
1070-1971 John Liebe
1972-1973 Beth Whittaker
1974-1975 Bill Hughes
1976-1977 Ken Woodsworth
1978-1978 Wally Griffiths
1979-1980 Hugo Stead
1981-1982 Jack Janzen
1983-1984 Mary Mitchell
1985-1987 Charlie Nash
1988-1990 Alan Banwell
1991-1992 Richard Willcock
1993-1994 Lynne Webster
1994-1996 Ted Stubbs
1996-1998 Peter Mercer
1998-2000 Al Cone
2000-2002 Dennis Berryman
2002-2004 Brent Ehrl
2004-2006 Gordon Dunham
2007-2008 Afshin Kamalvand
2008-2012 Ye Chu
2013-2015 Beth Kitts
2016-2019 Brent Ehrl

Carol Kautz



Alan Banwell - awarded in July 2013

Patrick Brown - awarded in May 2014

Irene Miller - awarded in Feb 2021

Lesley Bohm - awarded in June 2020 (currently hikes with the club)

Brent Ehrl - awarded in Feb 2022  (currently hikes with the club)