New: Dogs on Hikes

New: Dogs on Hikes!

Today we are announcing the advent of "Dog Hikes." Yes, for the first time in 70 years, bowser can now come along on a North Shore Hiker's designated "Dog Hike".

Let's paws to find out how this will work.

Hike leaders can choose whether or not they will accept dogs on their hike. Let your hike planner know if your hike is a "Dog Hike" when you submit a trip you will lead. The hike will show up on the schedule as a "Dog Hike." This does not mean people have to bring a dog. Duh. It signals that you can. Also for people who don't like dogs on hikes, they know to perhaps give that trip a miss.

For people who want to bring a dog, please tell the leader. There may be too many people and or dogs on a trip so it is up to the leader to decide how many to accept. This has always been true for hikers. Now it extends to our four-legged friends. Guests are also able to bring dogs along so long as the leader is okay with that.

On the trail, it is up to the dog owner to ensure the safety of their pooch and of all hikers as related to their dog.

Woof, Woof!