The Raven, May 2022

Welcome to all New Members

We value your choice and want to make the North Shore Hikers your go-to group for outdoor adventures. Here are a couple of images from the recent snow hike to Mt. Fletcher. And, NO, they are not all this steep! We hope you enjoy the club and your time outdoors with us.

Is this the steep part? Mt. Fletcher 1412m near Chehalis
At the summit: Mt. Fletcher (phew a flat spot)

New: Family Trips

Members have been asking if they can bring their kids along for a hike or a bike. Finally, we have made that possible! If you are a member and wish to bring your children on a trip that the leader has designated as a Family Hike or Family Bike, confirm with the trip leader that you would like to join and bring a minor (under 18) for whom you are either the parent or legal guardian. Then print a copy of the Minors Acknowledgment. Both your child and you are to read it carefully but don't sign it until you get to the meeting point. Both of you need to sign the acknowledgment at the trailhead in front of the leader.

New: Evening Trips

Member Lynn Montgomery has proposed a new idea for our clubshorter evening trips in spring and summer, sometimes after-work and after-dinner on weekdays, sometimes on Sunday evenings. In addition to relaxed walks and bike trips, she’d like to include short kayak outings near Fort Langley where she lives. There’s no rental there so you’d have to bring your own. This is experimental because our club doesn’t usually do kayaking trips, but we’re evaluating whether there’s interest in this initiative. See posts on the trip schedule. If there are other members interested in leading weekday hikes in other areas, in the evening, please let me know. It’s worth exploring.

May Trip Schedule

Want to join in on a trip? If you are a member, you can click here to find out more. Not a member? Then come along as a guest. But, hey why not just join?  Contact

Sun 1 May
6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
New: Evening walk Fort Langley
Fri 6 May -
Sun 8 May
Cycling Weekend Biking from Swartz Bay to Sooke
Sat 7 May -
Sun 8 May
B Hike
Mt Gardner, Bowen Island B2c
Sat 7 May
9:00 am
Stawamus Chief, 1st Peak, A2b FAMILY HIKE with children
Thu 12 May
6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
A Hike
Evening walk Fort Langley
Sat 14 May Cycling
Fort Langley Loop Cycling
Sat 14 May C Hike
Sea to Summit Trail to Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail – return via Sea to Sky Gondola
Sun 22 May
5:30 - 8:30 p.m.
easy, relaxed
New: Evening paddle Bedford Channel, Fort Langley
Tue 24 May
7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
Social Club Social Evening
Sun 29 May
5:30 - 8:00 p.m.
easy, relaxed
Evening paddle Bedford Channel, Fort Langley

Elfin Lakes Trip Report

by Patricia Morris

Jelly roll on Elfin Lakes trail
Softening snow melt

Seventeen people drove the Elfin Lakes road in five cars, with ten chains and 20 snow tires, on the best Saturday we have had in a long time. There were potholes and snow on the road. Six had never done the hike. Two were guests. Eleven ate in a snow fort with the elves at Elfin Shelter. (Meaning the snow was so high that it made the shelter look small -- like a home for elves.)

Still plenty of snow

The sun was inspiringly warm, with many clouds taking various forms to entertain us. One hiker was disappointed there was no lake at the lake. A guest hiker who practiced yoga on the trail thought maybe he might want to join the club even though his feet were soaked and cold. One late driver said he definitely didn’t want to snowshoe ever again. And on successful walker didn’t know who to blame most for her complete proud exhaustion.

Thanks to Carole for organizing the complex logistics and a great day hiking the winter route. We can honestly say we couldn’t have done this trip without her.

Making the Grade:
Our Hike Classification System

Grading is approximate and varies with weather, trail or snow conditions as well as the strength of the party. In the mountains especially, difficulty depends greatly on conditions and also on a hiker's experience on different kinds of terrain.


the part requiring stamina
A: No more than 5 hours average hiking time
B: 5-7 hours average hiking time
C: More than 7 hours average hiking time
D: More than 7 hours average hiking time into less travelled areas, for very fit and experienced hikers only


the part requiring skill and strength
1: Gentle gradient, rolling terrain
2: Moderate gradient, occasional fairly steep but short
3: Prolonged steep gradient, some scrambling and/or
bushwhacking possible, occasional use of hands may be

Elevation Gain (cumulative):

the part requiring fitness
a: up to 500 m
b: 500 m to 1000m
c: 1000m to 1500m
d: over 1500 m

Thanks for reading and Happy Trails, no matter what your level

View along the Elfin Lakes trail