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Thanks to everyone who participated.

Alastair, Murat, & Chris Barton

CATEGORY 1: SCENERY ON A 2020 NSH TRIP ($100 for winning picture)


©Joanne Boutin (Goetz Peak D hike on Oct. 31 – The hike was to Goetz Peak but the mountains in the background are Welch and Foley.)

Chris Barton — “A proper trip picture! Good framing, with both the subject and mountain in focus. Good lighting and atmosphere.”


©Ling Chan (Sept 2020 High Note Trail)

Chris Barton — Great framing with the creek leading the viewer into the landscape, giving it real depth. Perhaps a little over-exposed.”


©Lidia Halpert (Mt Seymour hike, Tim Jones Peak- March 2020- Last NSH trip before the Covid shut down.)

Chris Barton — Lots of interesting patterns and details and good framing, but a little flat.”


©Brett McConochie (October 3 2020 D hike, Mt. Meronuik from Paleface Mt.)

Chris Barton — Nice colours and composition. Good depth, but a little over-exposed in the background.”



©Eugene Kaplounovski (Sunrise behind Everest. Photo taken from the summit of Gokyo Ri, Nepal, in April of 2018. Equipment: Nikon D700, 24-70mm lens @70mm.)

Chris Barton — Great atmosphere to the image along with good detail in the foreground despite the bright 'contra-jour' light of the sunrise. Nicely framed with lots of depth and  interest from the multiple peaks.”


©Sarka Lhotak (Howe sound, Aug 2018. Kayaking from Squamish, the far shore, looking towards Watt's point.)

Chris Barton — Very nicely framed, with lots of depth to the image and both foreground  and background interest. Nice light and colours.”


©Mark Latham (Little Goat Mtn on a NSHikers trip December 5, 2017.)

Chris Barton — Beautiful snowy scene, nice colour contrasts and great detail in both the light and dark areas of the image.”


©Dave Samis (They are actual COVID 19 trees. Really. Following the guidelines and the "Stay Home" edict.)

Chris Barton — Nice colours and composition and atmosphere. The foreground palm creates a nice framing and adds depth to the image.”


©Susan MacFarlane (Badlands, Alberta)

Chris Barton — I liked this for it's unusual, almost mystical feel. Very much a 'fine art' kind of image.”


©Bengul Kurtar (Thunderbird Ridge Snowshoeing with NSH in 2019 )

Chris Barton — This image has great composition, subject and lighting, but... it has been overprocessed and appears unnatural, which is what unfortunately pulls it down (in my opinion).”

CATEGORY 3: WILD ANIMAL, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ($50 for winning picture)


©Eugene Kaplounovski (Photo of a growler monkey taken in Costa Rica in April of 2013. Equipment: Nikon D700; 70-200mm zoom lens @200mm, 1/400s, F5.6)

Chris Barton — Very sharp, in focus action shot. Probably with a long lens, which is even more difficult. Subject well-framed and stands out well with the plain background. One  improvement would have been the monkey looking directly at the camera!”


©Hiromi Miyawaki (Bird catching fish on November 16 2018)

Chris Barton — Another great action shot - particularly with catching the fish. The bird's eye appears not quite in focus (important) or is slightly blurred by movement. Also, the  bird is rather lost in the background. Improvements would be getting that sharp focus and using a shallower depth of field so the sharp bird stands out against an out-of-focus background.”


©Bengul Kurtar (Bumble bee over an aster, Russet Lake in Aug 2020)

Chris Barton — Wonderful colour, and important to have both the bee sharp against an out-of-focus but interesting background environment.”


©Diane Whitely (Sea Slug!)

Chris Barton —Love this for its unusualness and the humour in the picture. A surprise catch! Well-framed and good focus.”


(Chris Barton — There were several other entries in this category which almost made it!”)


CATEGORY 4: WILD PLANT, ANYTIME AND ANYPLACE ($50 for winning picture)


©Javier Peraleda Villa (Mushroom covered by the first snow of the year. Photo taken at the end of September 2019. Hike to Helm Creek.)

Chris Barton — Great subject and framing. The positioning is vital; getting the sunlight on the 'snow hat' against a shadowed background makes it stand out and create a 3D effect.”


©Lidia Halpert (Angel Wings Mushrooms- Lighthouse Park- 2020)

Chris Barton — Great angle and subject, the upwards view helping to highlight the  subject.”


©Ye Chu (Fraser River beside the south dyke bike trail on NSH group bike down to Steveston. When I saw the swirling grasses in the water, and the dramatic sky, it brought back memories of Van Gogh's paintings.)

Chris Barton — Great composition and use of 'rule of thirds'. Interesting subject. Unfortunately, the sky is rather 'blown out' (over-exposed).”


©Brett McConochie (Alpine Penstemon near Knight Peak, Chilliwack Valley)

Chris Barton: “This beat out several similar images because of the tight framing and the almost abstract nature of the image.”



©Patricia Morris (This lovely woman gave us Zapotec directions to our Benito Juarez cabana. She didn’t put down her heavy load of firewood to give us the instructions.)

Chris Barton: “As Robert Capa said: If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough. This is a great 'in your face' portrait, filling the frame, with nothing distracting from the subject. Good focus on the eye, and good side-lighting adding interest.”


©Robin Shier (Near Ape Lake, BC, 2015)

Chris Barton: “Good environmental portrait with action, and great framing of the environment. The only downside is the lighting is rather dim and dreary.”


©Ling Chan

Chris Barton: ”The attraction of this image is the reflection of the hikers in the water. Needs to be closer! Also, the sky is rather 'blown out' and lacking detail.”


©Bengul Kurtar (Salt Spring Island Cycling trip with NSH in Ruckle PP in June 2019.)

Chris Barton: “Great colour, light and composition, interesting subject. Needs to be closer! Cropped down to just the bench and the ship would be a stronger image.”


©Bill Myrtle (Maasai herder with a Maasai compound behind, in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania, 2019)

Chris Barton: “Good composition, good colour and lighting, but... the boy is out of focus. The subject (almost always) needs to be in focus.”


Chris Barton, a travel, landscape and wildlife photographer, has had his images published in national newspapers in Europe and North America, as well as extensively in travel guides by Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Thomas Cook, and by a wide variety of educational publishers and travel companies. A long time member of the AAC and the BCMC, many of his 'Sea to Sky' images can be viewed at:

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