Upcoming trips of interest

(see the schedule for contact info and for more details)

Don & Lion Islands canoe & explore:  (mid-March)  These small islands are in the Fraser River south of Burnaby.  They were the site of Ewen Cannery one of BC’s largest and a Japanese settlement.  The last inhabitants were removed for internment during the Second World War.  We will have a number of canoes for ferrying participants.

Sand Heads canoe to see sea lions:  (early May)  Sand Heads is a man made cluster of rocks 8 km from shore at the end of the Steveston breakwater.  Each April & May 100-200 sea lions congregate on the rocks, and you can canoe within a few metres of them. This is a safe trip as we canoe alongside the breakwater.  Sign up early as there will probably be limited canoe/kayak space.

Pine Lake walk & fish: (early May)  This small lake between Alouette and Stave Lakes was the site of a young adult correctional centre.  There are stories that it is full of fish and stories that it is barren.  The mission of this easy hike will be to discover the truth.  We will take at least one canoe and paddles for the large wood raft at the lake.  And we will try to bring fishing rods for all.

Gabriola Island petroglyph finding bicycle trip:  (early June) This 2-3 day bicycle trip starting at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal is to visit some known and some secret petroglyph sites on Gabriola Island.  Additionally there will be canoeing among the Flat Top Islands and along the NW side of Valdes Island, which has the most spectacular limestone cliffs in the Gulf Islands.  We will be camping at Pages Resort. A support vehicle will bring two canoes and everyone’s camping gear.   People can choose to come for 2 or for 3 days.

By Alastair.