It was a blast – NSH SUMMER CAMP 2019

For the first time our summer camp was held at two locations. 27 hikers spent four nights at Canyon Hot Springs near Revelstoke and 17 of them spent an additional four nights nights at Castle Mountain Hostel between Lake Louise and Banff. The split allowed for one day of much needed rest after hiking the Selkirk/Revelstoke mountains and taking on the more challenging hikes in Banff National Park.
Every day there were at least two hikes : one shorter at the A/B level and one longer and more challenging at the C level including some scrambling to the peak. Everybody had a chance to test their endurance at their fitness level.
Among the hikes done were :
Asulken Valley - 14 km - 869 m elevation gain
Balu Pass - 13 km - 779 m
Abott Ridge - 14 km - 1029 m
Rockbound lake and Castle Mountain - 22 km - 1400m
Bourgeau Lake and Mountain - 30 km - 1500m
Proposals for next year’s summer camp include the North Cascades in Washington State and Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. Send your own suggestions to the Club Executive. The chosen destination, time,and leaders will be announced at the Club’s AGM in November.

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