2017 Summer Camp

Update on August 27, 2017

Summer Camp PHOTOS!!

The NSH 2017 Summer Camp based in Yoho National Park from July 27th to August 3rd was a fun-filled success! Our hikers numbers at the camp hovered between 17-19. Fifteen of us stayed at the Whiskey Jack hostel which is located in the heart of Yoho hiking country and directly across from thundering Takakkaw Falls. The starting points for some of the most spectacular hikes was just a few metres from the hostel.

A website telling the story of the 2017 summer camp and featuring favourite photos from many of the participants can be found at:

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The summer camp participants would like to thank Yvonne Price for all her work in getting us organized. Unfortunately she was not able to attend due to conflicting appointments.



Update on May 17, 2017

Lake O'Hara and Revised Summer Camp Hike Schedule

Please click here for the revised summer camp hike schedule.

The organizers of this year's camp are very disappointed that we were unable to secure any shuttle bus reservations for Lake O'Hara.  Despite being online at 7 am on April 20, when the reservations opened, we were unable to reserve spots on the days we were interested in or any other days during summer camp.  In fact, Diane did manage to get through to Parks Canada by phone and was told that all the shuttle bus reservations for the entire season were booked by 7:01 am on the 20th!!  It seems hard to believe, but there it is.

There is a possibility that there will be some cancellations, so we certainly encourage people to try the online reservation at https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/bc/yoho/activ/randonnee-hike/ohara/reserve  Alternatively, some people might want to go to the Lake O'Hara shuttle parking area to see if there are any spaces on that day's shuttle.  It is sometimes possible for seats to be vacant.  If there are a number of people attempting this last minute alternative, we can adjust the start time of one or two of the scheduled hikes that day so that if people are not successful in getting on the bus, they can join a scheduled hike.  These approaches to getting on the shuttle clearly do not work well for organizing a group hike, so we have scheduled two alternative hikes to replace the O'Hara option.

Yvonne Price

As of end of March, 2017 

Last weekend (March 25, 26) a group of NSH hikers attending this year's summer camp from July 27 to August 2 met in Squamish and drafted the schedule of hikes. The summer camp will offer three hikes every day, one less than 5 hours, one between 5 and 7 hours and one more than 7 hours. The preliminary schedule and the description of hikes can be accessed if you click here. (After you have downloaded the file, when you view it in the Adobe Acrobat reader, you can rotate the page by going to "View" >> "Rotate View" on the menu bar. If you are using Google Chrome, you can simply rotate it using the rotate button near the top right corner.) Once the schedule is finalized it will be incorporated in the regular club schedule and will be available to all on the NSH club website.

There are now 34 registered participants to the summer camp. Similarly to last year's camp, attendance  is not capped. Every paid member of the club is welcome to attend. Registration is however required in order to receive relevant information. Diane Whiteley is the Registrar. (Diane's email contact is visible to members who have logged in to this site.)

Transportation and accommodation in or around Field BC, is up to the camp participants. Please note that the local campgrounds in Field do not take reservations and operate on a first come first served basis. Several hikers have already made reservations at the Whiskey Jack hostel in proximity of Field.

The organizers have already registered 19 hikers for two premium ranger-guided hikes to the Burgess Shale area in the park. Also, later in April they will attempt to secure bus transportation to Lake O'Hara, based on the level of interest received from the registered participants. If you are registered, please indicate on the google registration sheet whether you would like to go to Lake O'Hara. The cost for the shuttle is approximately $15.

And one last thing. In case you have not read the Hike Updates, you may not know that the Assiniboine add on is not going to happen this year as we could not secure accommodation for the desired period of time. Assiniboine will be tried again next summer using a different booking strategy.

Cristina Jacob

The group of NS Hikers who put the schedule together