Slideshow and Gear Swap: Sept. 29

Sunrise Community Hall, 1950 Windermere St., Vancouver

Doors open 7:00 p.m., slide show 7:30 p.m., Gear Swap throughout.

Refreshments will be served. Bring your mug!


First up: Jim Poirier’s “Bluewater Dreams”. You’ll learn about the experiences and challenges Jim faced in making an old sailboat seaworthy and then sailing the Pacific: from Vancouver to the Galapagos Islands then Easter Island and then other Pacific Islands and back to Vancouver. This was his dream, and he hopes to inspire us to make our dreams come true, too.

Followed by: Anne Leathem’s “Mushrooming in Bolivia”. You’ll hear about her trip by air, van, river boat and canoe from La Paz to the Bolivian Amazon Basin and her experience of staying in native-run camps with native guides.

Gear Swap: It’s fall cleaning time! Sort through your closet for gear you no longer want/need and bring it along with you! Make sure all items have your name and asking price on them.

Future Dates to Note

Nov 3: Annual General Meeting and slideshow. Hear what the Executive committee has been doing on your behalf. Remember we’re always looking for volunteers to fill vacant positions.

Dec 15: NSH Annual Christmas Potluck and Slideshow: great food, great singing and good fun! (More info to come)