Photo Contest 2015 Results

At this year's AGM, which took place last Thursday, November 5, the attendance voted for the best pictures entered in the Club's Photo Contest. The contest ran for 5 months starting in June and was open to all club members submitting pictures taken on recent club trips. The winners are:
Bill Myrtle for "Grizzly Yearling", taken at Paradise Valley, Lake Louise area - ANIMALS category

Bengul Kurtar for "Snack Time", taken at Hat Mountain Lookout - PEOPLE category

Patricia Morris for "Fungus", taken at Hanes Valley - PLANTS category

Yvonne Price for "Larches in the Mist" and Bill Myrtle for "Into the Cloud", both taken at Mt. Frosty - SCENERY category



The winners will receive $100 each (the tied winners will split the prize) and their photos will be featured on our Facebook. All participants to the contest will be recognized at our club's Christmas party on December 10, when a slide show will be run to showcase all the pictures entered in the contest.

Based on the enthusiasm that the photo contest created in the club we will consider running it again next year. For this year's contest we had 12 participants  and hopefully next year we will have even more. Check our website for future announcements and keep taking those cameras on the club's hikes.

Cristina Jacob,

Photo Contest Organizer

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