Orienteering Course offered July 13

Compass-300x300The Stanley Park Ecology Society is offering an exciting wilderness skill-building opportunity: an expert-led Orienteering Workshop at Stanley Park on Sunday July 13 from 9:00am to 3:30pm

Workshop participants will become proficient with a compass, topographic map and GPS, and will learn about navigation apps for iPads and smart phones. Participants will also build the confidence and skills to wander the wilderness, navigate terrain, explore habitat, and make it back to camp. I invite you to check out the complete Orienteering Workshop description <http://stanleyparkecology.ca/ai1ec_event/orienteering-workshop/?instance_id=693>  at the Stanley Park Ecology Society events page.

The price of the workshop is $120, and is for ages 16+. Space is limited, so we ask that you register in advance by contacting us at 604-718-6522 or programs@stanleyparkecology.ca.

The North Shore Hikers Club is offering a $25 rebate to members who are interested in leading a hike in the future. Proof of attendance is needed. Submit your receipt to the Beth Kitts, by mail or email: bkitts52@hotmail.com


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