About forums

What is in the forums
The forums were imported from the old website. All the same forum categories and posts are here. Some very old posts were left behind, a few posts failed to import, and posts such as past entries in hike and bike updates were deleted.

Posts from people who are no longer members show "anonymous" as the author name. Some posts from current members may have "anonymous" as the author name and some posts may be misattributed. If you spot one and know the correct author, it can be fixed. Contact the webmaster.

How to subscribe to a forum

  1. On the menu bar put your mouse pointer on Forums
  2. Click on the name of the forum in the drop-down menu. If you don't see the name of the forum you want, click on All Forums and click on the forum name in the list of all forums.
  3. When the forum page opens, just below the title of the forum click on subscribe as in this example:

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.28.12 AM
To unsubscribe, go to the forum and click unsubscribe (where it previously said subscribe) just under the forum title.

5 thoughts on “About forums

  1. Were you logged in? Doesn’t work for people not logged in.

    Did you go to the actual forum page or were you looking at the list of forums?

  2. Roy, I have the same problem as Vinit. There are weird words like coding appears at the bottom. Nothing like what your screenshot looks like. No “subscribe” or “home” etc. The similar codes appear at the bottom of this screen too. I am logged in. It must be a bug. :(. Katy

    1. A couple of things.

      1. The comments area on a news post isn’t a good way to report software problems. Comments can go unread. Write to the webmaster, or even better, use the website support form on the Members Only tab to ask for help.

      2. Might be a bug, or it could be an issue with the combination of operating system, ISP and browser you use. The internet is complicated. As webmaster I try to create things that work for most people most of the time but I can’t control the communications between the server and your computer and your configuration of hardware and software.

      3. The problem Vinit experienced went away when he tried again. I can’t fix things that aren’t reproducible. However, I can look for patterns. Tell me what operating system you are using, including version, and what browser, also including version. Have you run all the updates for your system? Can you reproduce the problem?

  3. I moved the subscribe button slightly to the right to make it a bit more obvious.

    It was right up against the text for the path to the page.

    Hope that is useful.