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Slideshow and Gear Swap March 12

March 12th is approaching fast. Hope to see you at the Slideshow and Social. Bring your hiking equipment you want to sell or give away at the Gear Swap. Bring a friend and enjoy refreshments !

Location is Sunrise Community Centre, 1950 Windermere St, near Rupert St and 5th Ave.
Doors open at 7:00 pm. Slideshow starts at 7:30 pm. Bring your own mug. There has been a change in the presenters :

Ye Chu presents : Snorkelling, trekking and biking in Galapagos, Amazon, Machu Picchu and Death Road, Bolivia

Experience the energy and excitement of seeing Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, the Amazon and other interesting sites in South America.


Monika Bittel presents : How the Federation is making Hiking Better

Monika is a keen representative of the FMCBC. She will discuss their role in trail repair and explain important initiatives the organization is spearheading.


The Majestic Grand Canyon presentation has been postponed to June 11 social.

by Beth.

North Shore Hikers Insurance

I created a summary of info about insurance that our club buys through FMCBC. If you're logged into northshorehikers.org, you can find it linked from the page FMCBC Insurance & Advocacy, which is in the NEWS submenu.

Most important point:

Our FMCBC insurance protects only against liability - not personal injuries, nor emergency rescue, nor medical costs etc, unless they are part of a successful legal claim of negligence. Only defense costs and claims settlement are covered.

Mark Latham
North Shore Hikers Rep to FMCBC

FMCBC Advocacy

From your $25 annual membership in North Shore Hikers, $8 buys liability insurance through the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia (FMCBC, or the Fed), and $10 pays for the Fed's operations, which primarily focus on advocating to the B.C. government for back-country recreation and conservation.

To let you know what advocacy work the Fed does, its Executive Director writes a monthly report to Club Reps, and I've started posting those reports on our website at northshorehikers.org/news-placeholder/fmcbc-insurance-advocacy. Logged-in members can read them via that page, which is in the News dropdown menu.

There you can also read my draft report on some problems at the Fed, including an increasing annual deficit and loss of democratic accountability to us members. Feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas etc.

Mark Latham
North Shore Hikers Rep to FMCBC