Photo Contest Results

At this year's AGM, which took place last Thursday, November 5, the attendance voted for the best pictures entered in the Club's Photo Contest. The contest ran for 5 months starting in June and was open to all club members submitting pictures taken on recent club trips. The winners are:
Bill Myrtle for "Grizzly Yearling", taken at Paradise Valley, Lake Louise area - ANIMALS category

Bengul Kurtar for "Snack Time", taken at Hat Mountain Lookout - PEOPLE category

Patricia Morris for "Fungus", taken at Hanes Valley - PLANTS category

Yvonne Price for "Larches in the Mist" and Bill Myrtle for "Into the Cloud", both taken at Mt. Frosty - SCENERY category



The winners will receive $100 each (the tied winners will split the prize) and their photos will be featured on our Facebook. All participants to the contest will be recognized at our club's Christmas party on December 10, when a slide show will be run to showcase all the pictures entered in the contest.

Based on the enthusiasm that the photo contest created in the club we will consider running it again next year. For this year's contest we had 12 participants  and hopefully next year we will have even more. Check our website for future announcements and keep taking those cameras on the club's hikes.

Cristina Jacob,

Photo Contest Organizer

Banff Mountain Film Fest World Tour

Hello Fellow Outdoor Enthusiasts,

It's that time of year again. Time to ignite your passion for adventure, action, and travel! The BANFF MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL WORLD TOUR will exhilarate you with amazing big-screen stories. The 2015/16 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour brings films from the 40th annual Banff Mountain Film Festival to about 400 communities in 40 countries around the world. Journey to exotic locations, paddle the wildest waters, and climb the highest peaks. Be taken away to the most captivating places on earth.

This year the Alpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Section will once again be hosting TWO EVENINGS of the Banff Mountain Film Fest World Tour in the Vancouver Area. As a fellow outdoor enthusiast and outdoor club member, the ACC thought we would share the following event information with you. There are two different playbills A & B – you can go both nights to see them all! Please pass this information onto your fellow outdoor club members, as well as anyone else who may enjoy the shows. Please feel free to share the film fest information and attached poster on your Outdoor Club's event page, newsletters, calendars, email lists, bulletin boards, etc.

The Banff Mountain Film Fest World Tour will take place on the following dates:

  • Friday, DEC. 4 at the Centennial Theatre (2300 Lonsdale Ave, North
    Vancouver) Program A; Doors at 6:30pm, Show at 7:30pm
  • Saturday, DEC. 5 at the Centre Theatre (777 Homer St., Vancouver)
    Program B; Doors at 6:00pm, Show at 7:30pm

All shows will start at 7:30pm and tickets are $20. Tickets can be purchased online at Please note that the shows have sold out in the past years, so get your tickets early!

For more information please visit:

If you have any questions or would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact the World Tour Team by email at

Thank you very much for your time and we hope to see you at the show!

Be moved. Be Inspired!

Amber McMinn
ACC - Vancouver Section
Banff Mtn. Film Fest World Tour Team

Public Consultation for protection of Ancient Forest

Fellow hikers please note that the province is currently accepting email comments on a plan to preserve the Ancient Forest near Prince George likely under a “Class A” provincial park designation.  Click here to view the press release.  FMCBC’s Member Club, the Caledonia Ramblers, has been working on building trails and boardwalks in the Ancient Forest for several years now and would appreciate support for this plan.

To participate in the public consultation process please review the consultation paper and then send a letter of support to before November 2nd (4pm).

Cristina,  NSH Delegate to FMCBC

NSH has changed its membership year dates

The membership year of 2015 will end Nov 30, giving members 2 more months before their membership expires. This will mean that your membership will still be valid at the AGM ( Nov 5) and you will be able to vote. So wait to November to renew your membership for 2016 to enjoy another great year of outdoor activities. The NSH membership year will be from Nov 30-Dec1 each year from now on.

Proposed Ski Development at Brohm Ridge

There is a proposal to develop a commercial ski operation at Brohm Ridge, by "Garibaldi at Squamish". On September 23, 2015, the FMCBC, of which this club is a member, held a meeting with representatives from the developer. Here are the highlights of the meeting.

  1. the maps shown (no different from the online versions, except bigger) depicted the ski runs and the "resort development", both of which run very close to Garibaldi Park (they claimed a 50-metre buffer zone, which Mike rightly said was pretty close to the Park);
  2. when challenged that "ski hills don't make money, the real estate surrounding them does", and although there is no real estate, actual or proposed, on the maps, Chris admitted that in exchange for building the ski hill, they will be able to obtain real estate "at a nominal price"; they weren't too clear on what a nominal price meant; and of course we have no real idea as to the extent of their property aspirations;
  3. the displaced snowmobilers (and there are lots using this area) were unfortunately directed by GAS to an area that is currently a non-motorized area; GAS was informed of the Sea to Sky LRMP and the sectoral distinctions between motorized and non, and could they please at least direct them to a motorized area in future;
  4. GAS was made very aware, largely through the Fellers and Monika, of the numerous frustrations FMCBC and member clubs have experienced in the past: not being consulted, not being listened to, Garibaldi Park being revised by the Government for Whistler/Blackcomb, no enforcement of the motorized activity, especially the snowmobilers, and more;
  5. in good "I feel your pain" style, responding by GAS, the 3rd member (Peter something) suggested it could be possible to have a covenant or easement up against the Park, requiring FMCBC's consent to encroach (I'll believe that when I see it, but they must be reminded of this in the future);
  6. it will be 4-5 years at least before actual construction could begin;
  7. GAS made it sound like there won't be any snowmobiles buzzing around their ski resort; it would be as much of an annoyance to hotel guests there as to anyone else;
  8. when asked why they would succeed where numerous others have not, the response seemed to be their thoroughness, aided by their "deep pockets";
  9. Monika made a great point that, in essence, we are arguing for the public's benefit (The Public's Right to Quiet Enjoyment of our Parks); every other dog in this fight has a vested interest.

Mack Skinner,
secretary of FMCBC, exec member of North Shore Hikers.


Wonderful Summer Camp 2015

Wonderful hiking and great fun at our 2015 summer camp

For this year's week-long camp the club rented the entire hostel at Castle Junction, in Banff National park. Located mid way between Banff and Lake Louise, the hostel provided a great "base camp" for more than 20 hikes in the surrounding mountains.

For a detailed camp report by Sheila and Bill click here.

The club has already started planning for next year's camp. If you have a suggestion for a destination with great hikes let us know.

Cristina Jacobs

New Hiking & Biking Map of the Tri-Cities

This is the first comprehensive trail map covering the Tri-Cities regions of Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Buntzen Lake, Anmore, Belcarra, Burke Mountain and Pitt Meadows.

The trail data for this map has been collected by Canadian Map Makers using GPS equipment during 2014 and 2015 and can be considered to be verified and accurate at the time of publication. Part of the proceeds from this map are being donated to Coquitlam Search and Rescue.

This highly detailed map is printed on water resistant, tear resistant high quality synthetic paper in a 1:20,000 scale with UTM and Lat/Long grids.

Cost $20.00 plus shipping $3.50 on website: or call Steve at 604-248-4716 or email for large quantity orders, pick-ups (save shipping) or any other queries related to the map.

NSH Photo Contest


Photographs must be from a recent club trip and uploaded directly on our website. The full set of Rules of the contest can be accessed by clicking here after you (a current member) have logged on, and the instructions on how to upload can be found on the club's website under the "Members" menu after you have logged on.

In brief, one can make four photo submissions each month from now until the end of October. There will be a $100 prize awarded to the best picture in each of the four categories of the contest, PEOPLE, SCENERY, FLOWERS, ANIMALS, with all contestants being acknowledged for their participation. The club's members attending  the AGM in November will be the contest's "judge".

For any clarification on the contest's rules contact Cristina Jacob at and for uploading issues contact Ling Chan at


Hollyburn Lodge Renewal

The old Hollyburn Lodge at the Cypress Mountain commercial ski area is being rebuilt. The area is hence now a construction zone and closed to the public.

Steve Williamson, Director of Operations for Cypress Mtn., has provided this map to make it easier for hikers to navigate. He also provided the following safety information about the project.

  • Burfield trail will be closed until further notice for the installation of utilities to service the new lodge.
  • Hollyburn trail is open at the present time and will have closures in effect when required. When Hollyburn trail is closed access is via Sitzmark or the trail from the end of lot 4 as marked on the map.
  • The lodge site has been delineated with fencing and access is prohibited unless authorized by Cypress personnel. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment must be worn if access is granted including steel toed boots, hi-vis vest and a hardhat.
  • Clearly marked detours have been placed throughout the Nordic area to guide hikers and cabin owners.
  • Access to first lake picnic areas is still available outside the construction zone orange fencing.

More information about this project and on the background of the lodge can be found at the following links:

We thank Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society for relaying this information to us.