St. Mark's Summit, July 8, 2019

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    Bengul Kurtar

    Seven of us started to hike from the Cypress Mountain downhill parking lot around 10 am and came back around 15 pm. Although the weather was bright sunny in Vancouver, the weather was quite foggy along the Howe Sound Crest trail as you can see from the photos:

    But we are all happy to hike in the clouds… The clouds were started clearing before Christmas Gully Junction. Our group decided see a view of Howe Sound from Bowen Island Lookout.

    The wildflowers around Yew Lake were blooming. One of them is Round-Leaved Sundew, which is a carnivorous plant: “The plant feeds on insects, which are attracted to the glistening drops of mucilage, loaded with a sugary substance, covering its leaves. It has evolved this carnivorous behavior in response to its habitat, which is usually poor in nutrients or is so acidic that nutrient availability is severely decreased. The plant uses enzymes to dissolve the insects – which become stuck to the glandular tentacles – and extract ammonia (from proteins) and other nutrients from their bodies.  The ammonia replaces the nitrogen that other plants absorb from the soil, and plants that are placed in a high-nitrogen environment rely less upon nitrogen from captured insects.” – Wikipedia

    See you on the trails!


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