Silverdaisy Mt. – July 29, 2017, Sunday

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    Brent Ehrl

    Four of us summited Silverdaisy Mt today.   This is the first time the club has done this trip in many years.  Three of my companions had never done it before.  They all did great even though we had numerous obstacles.  Lots of fallen trees.  The trail for the most part is in excellent shape but a lot of areas need work.  I was introduced to the trail by long term North Shore Hikers John Sapac and Jenny Faulkner.  Their friend Sven who is now deceased, had adopted and worked on the trail for many years.  There is a marker at the trail head acknowledging Sven’s contribution to the trail.  Beautiful flowers, best I’ve ever seen.  We disturbed a few grouse, and I was disappointed that we didn’t see any marmots on the trail today.  No mountain goats like on Mt. Frosty on July 1<sup>st</sup>.  Lots of deer trails though. 

    The North Shore Hikers used to do this trail often and it was my pleasure to do the trip again, and I had good company; thanks Siegfried (“C” Hike planner), Philippa and Joanna for coming on the trip.  Brent Ehrl.


    Siegfried Rohdewald

    Thanks to Brent for this nice hike. For my pix see

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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