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    Bengul Kurtar

    A few of us met at FK for carpooling. The rest of hikers joined us at Buntzen Lake parking lot near Warden’s office. Ten of us started to hike to see Ten Viewpoints (Diez Vistas) around 9:45 am and finished at 3:30 pm.

    We saw different mushrooms along the trail. I would say that the Buntzen Lake trail is one of the best forest to forage mushrooms in Vancouver, if you know them well!

    Did you know that “It was fungi that inherited the world after the last mass extinction event and brought life back on Earth. Fungi even paved the way for civilization — they have made us who we are.” If you would like to know about more about Fungi, here is the link to see a documentary from CBC:

    If you would like to see my photos from yesterday, here is the link:

    See you on the trails!


    Katy Poon

    Thank you Bengul leading the hike and the report.

    We did the hike in a traditional NSH counter-clockwise direction, starting from #10.

    With the overgrown trees, most of the vistas were hidden but there were still a few that offered incredible views of Mount Seymour, Indian Arm, Deep Cove and Belcarra and Jug Islands… just to name a few on View Point #1 before Bengul led us descending down on a short trail to the parking lot.

    Our lunch spot was at #3 where everyone enjoyed a Halloween treat from Donna.

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