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    Ryszard Brykajlo

    No success, again. No signs of spring at the lake, winter at its best.

    Only one other person was interested this year but had to cancel for a personal reason, so I went by myself. I went up on Saturday and returned on Monday. Saturday was quite nice what kept my spirit high when climbing up. Sunday and Monday was snowing and foggy at the lake. I was lucky going up in this sense that there were few day hikers in front of me and the trail was broken. When off the trail, I was sinking to my knees even with snow shoes on. As usually at this time of year, there was snow on the road to the trail head parking lot, extra 2 more kilometres hike. And the trail was icy up to around kilometre 3. A lot of fresh snow and a hard work to get around. No one else was camping at the campground, there were 5 people camping across the lake at Sphinx cabin. I had a nice chats with day hikers on Sunday, especially with a group of young people from Spain. Talking about hot flamenco music in the middle of Canadian winter was keeping us warm and happy.
    I have so many photos from “Searching for Spring” trips that this time I made only few. They can be viewed there: https://goo.gl/photos/UdXfWhYWyxSq1WHi7. Also from two previous trips: https://goo.gl/photos/LJGVtXt2GP45zPcX6, https://goo.gl/photos/A9A5FAFp2BBrP23e7 .

    For probably last 10 years I was trying with few other North Shore Hikers: Beth, Wayne, Mark, Mary, Iveta, Gordon (sorry if I missed anyone) to find spring at the end of March, but we never had any luck. This year, for the first time, it crossed my mind that maybe it is a lost cause and I should give it up. Are there any younger and more optimistic volunteers to continue the search at the beginning of spring in 2018?


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