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    Andrea Farmer

    You didn’t know there’s a Diez Vistas hike on Seymour? Mathias showed us 11 viewpoints starting at Dog Mountain and ending at Dinkey peak. We saw Suicide Bluffs and De Pencier bluffs and Mystery Peak. Most of the viewpoints are rocky bluffs with views in all directions. It was a perfect near-summer day. I hope Mathias will offer the hike again!

    Watch for photos of all eleven vistas.


    Katy Poon

    I have taken many photos.. way more than “Once (11) Vistas” and lost track of counting them.

    Matthias knows the mountain so well that we were on some of the best off beaten trails.  Our fearless leader was even running on his “sandals” that I thought they are “flipflops”.

    Sunday was a perfect day to explore the mountain and enjoy the viewpoints.  They are all showing at the best.   At each view point, we were offered views of mountain peaks after peaks.   There was once that our leader mistakenly identified “Golden Ears” as “Garibaldi”. We all had good laughs.

    This was an unique hike as Andrea described: Dog Mountain – Suicide Bluffs – Mystery Peak – De Pencier Bluffs – Dinkey Peak.  Thank you Matthias in leading and everyone came out to share the wonderful time on the mountain!  We were six of us, 4 completed all Once (11) Vistas and 2 signed off after Suicide Bluff.

    p.s. The last Vista is off Dinkey Peak where there is no official sign… another hidden gem.


    Katy Poon


    Here is the link to my photos .  Katy


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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