Oct. 6 Dam Mountain and Beyond

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    Katy Poon

    It was a sunny Sunday hike with 4 people to Dam Mountain and Thunderbird Ridge.

    With the earlier start, we have both destinations to our own.   We were granted with good views and low clouds.  While enjoying our brunch/snack breaks, we were reminiscing the many mid weeks  hikes that we had at these locations.  It is a fabulous last minute short hike that ended at mid day with the whole afternoon to spare.

    Here I am sharing the links to the photos I took yesterday…. Crown, Camel and Goat/Ridge are all clearly in view.

    I particularly like the Goat Mountain/Ridge one that reminds me on Sept 18 hike that five of us enjoyed it so much.   We are wanting this one to be a regular hike and hope you will join us next time!!!

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