Mt Strachan via Xmas Gully 2020-07-14

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    Mark Latham

    On Tuesday July 14 at 10:15am, four of us met at Cypress downhill ski parking area. It was a beautiful sunny day! 🙂

    This is my favourite hike – a short drive from Vancouver, 5-hour loop, wonderful 360-degree view atop the north peak of Strachan – the Lions front & centre, Howe Sound, Vancouver Island, Mt Garibaldi, Mt Baker, Metro Vancouver etc. Ascent via Christmas Gully is less known and less maintained, requiring a little scrambling and can have brief steep snow stretches until early July – if you’re OK with that, then it’s a fun adventure. Snow had melted enough that we didn’t need the microspikes we brought just in case.

    GPS track & stats:

    8 km

    5 hours including a relaxed lunch

    565 metres ascent

    Some bugs but not too many. Saw a couple of bear scat deposits on the Howe Sound Trail which we hiked for our first hour.

    Most of the trail wasn’t too muddy, except for the last 45 minutes. If we had walked down the gravel road / Collins ski run for that final stretch, it would have been fine. But we chose the path in the woods, on the other side of the creek just southeast of Collins run. That path was very muddy, on the flat section near a small lake.

    Anyway, overall a great day!

    Original trip posting (requires login):

    Katy Poon
    Thank you Mark leading this great hike!
    It’s definitely on top of my favourite hikes and the cream of the crop is the shortcut coming back to BP leading out to downhill parking lot.
    Here is the link to my photos:
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