Mt Frosty, October 3, 2015

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    Yvonne Price

    A couple of years ago I heard Hedi speak with great enthusiasm about hiking up Mt Frosty in the fall, so when I saw that she was leading a hike up this mountain I knew I had to go and see for myself.

    Four of us joined Hedi on a cool but sunny October Saturday.  All the way to Manning, we were accompanied by sunshine and blue skies.  However, when we arrived at the Lightening Lakes, we found ourselves under a low ceiling of cloud.  This was rather disappointing, but we hoped that the cloud would dissipate as the day wore on.

    A little beyond the 3 km trail sign, we saw the first signs of snow: small, thin, crusty patches that announced that summer is truly over.  We carried on in the fog.  It was cold and damp.  The trail was very busy with other hikers, and some of these, lured by the promise of a nice day, wore shorts and t-shirts.  I was glad that I had not  been that confident about the day!  A down jacket and a toque were far more comfortable.

    We reached the golden larches at about the 8 km mark.  Most of them were blanketed in snow.  We could see some golden needles, but the colours were muted by the grey sky.

    We scrambled up to the ridge that leads to Frosty’s summit, and there finally we began seeing the blue sky.  As we ascended, the sky became clearer and we literally rose up above the cloud.  It was spectacular.  A sea of  billowy white cloud lay below and on all sides the tips of jagged summits surged up out of the cloud.  As we ate our lunch, we felt very fortunate.

    On our descent, the cloud had dispersed considerably, and finally we were able to see the golden larches in all their splendour.  Some of these remarkable trees are apparently around 2,000 years old and are the oldest trees in B.C.

    It was a wonderful day.  Instead of spoiling the scenery, in the the end the cloud of the morning actually added to the beauty of the place.  I hope some of my photos have managed to capture how stunning the scenery was.

    Thank you Hedi for leading us to see your precious larches.

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