Mt. Baker Hiking trip, Sep 16-21, 2018

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    Bengul Kurtar

    When we started on Sep 16, the weather was not brilliant. We decided to do a short hike around Maple Falls before locating the cabins at Silver Lake. The 2nd day, we did the Ptarmigan Ridge Trail. The 3rd day, we aimed to do the Goat Mountain Peak. But the access road was closed for maintenance for two days! We changed the direction to do the Yellow Aster Bute and a little bit on TomyHoi Peak trail. The 4th day, we did the Skyline Divide trail. The 5th day, the weather was expected to be rainy in early afternoon and low clouds around the peaks. So we decided to hike at low elevations. We did a few discovery hikes around the Silver Lake  Cabins and an excellent hike on the Horseshoe Bend trail along the Nooksuck River.

    Thanks again Diane for organizing this trip! Thank you all for joining us!

    You can see my photo album from all these hikes here:

    See you on the trails!


    Mariken Van Nimwegen

    Absolutely fantastic photos, Bengul! Often, cloudy skies are better and more interesting to look at than all-blue and bright ones . . combined with the snow and the reds in the landscape, this looks superb, thank you for sharing.


    Bengul Kurtar

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Mariken! Yes, we had everything (summer flowers, winter snow, fall colours, cloudy skies and rainy day)!

    See you on the trails!


    Katy Poon

    Thank you Bengul for the trip report and everyone sharing the wonderful hikes with me… and to Dianne Allison… our trip coordinator to make this trip happened!

    Please share some of my photos and the majestic mountain moments…

    Happy hiking… Katy

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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