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    Mark Latham

    On Friday July 10 at 1:30pm, four of us met at the trailhead near the cross-country ski parking area. I chose this late start because clouds were forecast to give way to some sun later in the afternoon. That worked out as planned.  🙂

    For variety, we hiked up the winter access trail and returned along the power-line gravel road:

    The winter trail was somewhat muddy, narrow and overgrown, so poles and long pants were helpful.

    Some bugs found us when we stopped, but not too many. (I hear Mt Seymour is very buggy these days.)

    Highlight of the trip was a rare sighting of legendary North Shore Hikers member Alex Wallace, the godfather of trails in Cypress Provincial Park. He was out there single-handedly wielding trail maintenance tools, and documenting unauthorized tree cutting.

    Original trip posting (requires login):

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