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    Mark Latham

    Five of us met at Park Royal North Park’n’Ride at 9:30am, and carpooled up to the trailhead in Cypress Bowl near the cross-country ski area. It was a beautiful sunny morning!

    There had been no fresh snow for the past 48 hours, so the trail was well enough trodden that we all wore micro-spikes, not snowshoes. That worked fine.

    We have a core group of midweek hikers who like to do A hikes (less than 5 hours) at a moderate pace, faster than most weekend A hikes. I’m trying to encourage some slower hikers to start organizing midweek hikes as well. Since that hasn’t happened yet, I occasionally welcome a slower hiker to join us on a hike that’s safe enough to split into two groups. That’s what happened on this Mt Hollyburn trip. Here’s the GPS track & data for the slower subgroup:

    Total Time: 3 hr 50 min
    Moving Time: 2 hr 36 min
    Distance: 6.3 km
    Ascent: 404 m

    If you’d like to go on midweek A hikes at a slower pace like this, please email me ( Actually, we ran into some old friends along the trail and stopped to chat with them, so there was more “Stopped Time” than usual, even for an “easy pace” hike.

    When we reached the top, the faster group was waiting for us. Over lunch, we watched the sun play hide-&-seek behind some clouds. Overall it warmed us enough to be quite pleasant. The snow was very pretty and clean, sometimes covered with ice flakes (hoar frost?).


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