Mount Elpinstone, Mar 28, 2015

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    Bengul Kurtar

    Thanks Barry for leading us on this hike. The original plan was to park in Horseshoe Bay and walk to ferry to Langdale. The plan was revised before leaving the parking lot at Park Royal: Five of us decided to drive only one of the cars to trail head at Sprockids Mountain Bike Park. (,-123.512005&hl=en&sll=49.431715,-123.520017&sspn=0.016327,0.042272&t=p&mra=ls&z=15

    We took 9:20 am ferry to Langdale. When we started to hike it was around 10:30 am. We met a few of local hikers (volunteers on trail maintanence) on our way to summit. The beginning of the trail was challenging. You need to find the yellow diamond sign that will take you to Mount Elpinstone Summit trail from that entrance.

    When you are on the yellow trail, life is easy. The summit trail is very well marked up. There is a rope to go over little rocks through the top before reaching to the south side. We had our offical lunch at the top over the helipad. When we arrived to that point, the weather was not bad. But clouds were moving fast, started raining and turned into light flurries. We started decending at that point. When we finished at Sprockids MBP parking lot, it was around 4:20 pm. We had time before catching 6:20pm ferry. We tasted a few of beers before heading to ferry.  You may see my pics from the following link:

    See you on the trails…

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