Mount Elphinestone, May 6, 2017

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    Bengul Kurtar

    Eight of us met before 8 am at St David Church parking lot to catch Langdale ferry at 9:25 am. We started to hike around 10:30 am, arrived to the first view point around 12:30 pm. We had started snowshoeing at that point. We had our half lunches around 1:15 pm with a view. We were so lucky the weather was cooperative. We can see for miles and miles – all the way to Gulf Islands, Vancouver and Vancouver Islands snowy peaks…

    We were at peak (at 1,260 m) around 2:00 pm, finished the second half of our lunches or snacks. The helipad at the top was covered with snow.

    We were back to parking lot before 5 pm. We had time for sipping beers or ciders and eating pizzas or tacos at Persephone Brewing‘s farm before catching 6:50 pm ferry.

    Thank you Barry for leading us on this wonderful hike and snowshoeing!

    You may see my photos from here:

    See you on the trails!


    Elizabeth Kitts


    the hike looks truly amazing and your photos are super. Would have been great to see a photo in the Raven which is due to come out very shortly. Maybe send one to Adele and see if she can put it in.

    can you tell us the elevation gain and difficulty

    thanks Beth


    Bengul Kurtar

    Thanks for the kind words, Elizabeth.  I will send a few photos to Adele.

    This is from Barry’s description about the hike or snowshoe trip: ” This will actually be a hike/snowshoe as the snowline is currently at about 900m. The summit of Elphinstone is at 1200m and there’s probably 3-4m of snow up there. With the cool conditions we’ve been having I suspect the snow is still soft and hence the need for snowshoes. It’s about 12k return with a 1200 m elevation gain.”

    I hope this will help…

    Take care,


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