Grouse Mt Snowshoe trails, Jan 23, 2018

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    Bengul Kurtar

    When 4 of us met at Starbucks, we knew that Munday Snowshoe park (covering Dam Mountain loop, Snowshoe Grind and Thunderbird Ridge) is standby (closed until further notice). I am glad Ye was with us! She knows every trail and stories behind them around Grouse Mountain. We did snowshoeing on fresh snow around Tony Simic trail (east of BCMC). Afterwards, we did snowshoeing on Blue Grouse and Light Walk Loops. We got a chance to see the Hiwus Feasthouse (heard the songs from outside). After finishing snowshoeing, we went to Peak Chalet to have our lunch and teas. When we walk to Skyride to take gondola down, we were told that gondola is on “standby”. It was just before 2 pm. Then we decided quickly to walk down through BCMC trail. 2/3 of trail was snow covered. A few of us were wearing microspikes along the snowy section of the trail instead of wearing snow shoes. Because the trail is quite narrow for snowshoes… I wore my snowshoes almost half way, since I didn’t carry my microspikes with me this time.

    As Ye said this was an “epic” hike or snowshoe! If you missed this snowshoe trip, here is the link to see my captures:

    Hope to see you on the trails!


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