Feb 3 – Dam Mountain/Thunderbird Ridge

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    Katy Poon

    week :

    Thank you John Herbert, our co-leader for leading and writing the report.

    We had a good hike just before the weather turned around last week!

    Katy Poon led the snow shoe hike at the top of Grouse Mtn. A group of 11 met at the usual Starbucks at the bottom of at gondola at 10:00am . The group was larger than normal attracted presumably by the forecast of a sunny day.  By the time we took the gondola up and attached our snowshoes it was approximately 10:30 before we started walking. We walked up first to the top of Dam Mtn with several stops on the way to remove clothing and drink water.  It was snowing lightly most of the way and visibility was not great but didn’t provide a hindrance.  From there we proceeded to the Thundebird Ridge where we stopped for lunch. It was quite windy and cold so we didn’t stay long and left to make our way back to the Lodge via the Fritz Trail . We arrived at the lodge by about 1:00pm. The weather had improved slightly by then with the sun breaking through.

    After a brief stop for a drink and snacks the group took the gondola down about 1:30pm.

    It was a great day but not as nice as we had anticipated due to the weather.


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