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    Bengul Kurtar

    Yes, we changed the destination again… When I posted last weekend, I had three alternatives in my mind. One of them was the De Pencier Bluffs and the other one was the Dog Mt-Suicide Bluffs.  Tuesday evening, one of the participants suggested to do the De Pencier Bluffs instead of the Dog Mt and Suicide Bluffs trail. I suggested to decide when we meet for car pooling at the parking lot next morning.

    Almost two weeks ago, a few of us had snowshoed on this trail just before the first snow storm on February 10! That time, we could be able to see small streams and hear bubbling brooks. You can see the photos from Feb 10:

    Since then, we have had more snow on the grounds. Streams and bridges along the trail were covered with more snow…

    Yesterday we started at 9:45 am from Deep Cove Lookout and had lunch at the top of the bluffs with another gorgeous view! We finished around 2 pm. You can see the photos from yesterday:

    Hope to see you on the trails!





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