Cheakamus Lake to Rubble Creek Traverse – Mushrooms IDs (August 18)

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    Katy Poon
    “Teresa Gagné, a member of the Nature Vancouver Botany committee, provided the following as her ‘best guess’ Ids for some of the mushrooms.
    The link to the hike’s mushroom album –

    #1 & #2 look like Laccaria laccata – the Common Laccaria.  #4 & #5 are some sort of Boletus;  the staining of the flesh which first turns blue and then reddish brown is quite distinctive, but they don’t match anything in my books.

    #6 looks like Phaeolis schweinitzii – the Dyer’s Polypore. #8 & #10 are a Russula species –  possibly R. xerampelina – the Woodland Russula.

    #11 to #13 are also Russula species possibly R. occidentalis – the Western Russula.   #14 is a bracket fungus (conk) of some kind, #15 & #16 look like Boletus mirabilis – Admirable Boletus.

    #17 to #20 are Amanita muscaria – the Fly Amanita  (which can be lemon yellow, but is more often  red or dark orange)

    #22 might be Polyporus badius – the Black-footed Polypore.  It has a thin cap with fine pores on the bottom instead of tubes or gills.

    Photos #23 to #35 are mainly Boletus, Suillus, or Leccinum species, all of which have tubes instead of gills.  The very big one in the lupines and the photo after it are probably Boletus edulis – the King Bolete.  It’s a fairly common species in the subalpine and very tasty when young and firm.  The netted stem is often very fat at the base and the white flesh doesn’t change colour when cut or bruised.  The third photo from the end is also Amanita muscaria.”

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