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    Mark Latham

    Seven of us met at 10am in Starbucks at the Grouse gondola base station. We were lucky to get a rain-free morning, and enjoyed the cool cloudy day that kept us from over-heating going up the 780-metre ascent.

    The BCMC trail is familiar to most of us, but there are many other trails branching off it, so remember that those less familiar can still get lost. We didn’t have that problem, but recent news has told of various hikers losing their way in North Shore mountains.

    Four of us wanted a faster pace, so signed out of the group hike about half way up. We all reached the chalet with no problems. There we had a long discussion of how to improve the ways we list upcoming hikes, especially for the short-notice strategy that our midweek group has been pursuing. I’ll review ideas with my fellow Mid-Week Coordinator Bengul Kurtar.

    When I posted this hike on our website forums, I should have said “moderate pace”, and I should have included my contact info. I’ve made a note to remember in future.

    I’d like to encourage more midweek A and B hikes. Any ideas welcomed! You can email me: mark@votermedia.org


    John Herbert

    Hi Mark,

    A good report. I look forward to more hikes in particular mid week ones.

    Thanks for leading.


    John Herbert.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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