A Sunny Sunday Fraser Loop Bike Bunnel- June 7/20

NSH Forums Trip Reports A Sunny Sunday Fraser Loop Bike Bunnel- June 7/20

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    Ye Chu

    Greg called it the “bunnel” bike trip. It is a German word for meandering. I have taken my adventurous mountain spirit into creating what I call “urban bushwhacking”– where we sneak through developments/industry and road blocks to get closer to the river and/or forest and avoid busy streets. We look for scenic spots to sit and enjoy the views, while still biking 40 to 50 km. Even with  four serious bikers, we could find places we have never been to before.

    My bike trips are definitely not fast pace, but a more of a “smell the roses” kind of pace, with lectures here and there on urban design, housing styles and concrete pours. We bike from Science World to Canada line bridge, biked east along the Richmond dykes (had a great tail wind), snacked/WC at #7 pier park, biked over Queensborough bridge, did a very windy exploratory descent to the Burnaby dykes, lunch/WC at Burnaby Foreshore Park, snacked at Kerr Pier and bike back up on the Argyle/Dumfries bike route home. Unfortunately, for one participant, the bike home lead to two flat tires on the Lion’s Gate Bridge.

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