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Cornices are overhangs of snow susceptible to breaking. While hiking, one should stay away from them, both on top and below. They may not be easy to spot when you are on one. Here are some resources from the Net.

And you might have heard about  this recent tragedy too.

And of course you may like to check out for forecasts before heading out.

District of West Vancouver Upper Lands Review

The District of West Vancouver Upper Lands Review is holding open houses (April 11, 14 and 16 – details below) and an online survey to encourage discussion and feedback on the group’s draft final recommendations.

The group’s draft final report with recommendations is available here. The survey will be online March 20 to April 19 at:

Upper lands review

Happy hiking


Happy at all paces
Happy at all paces

Happy hiking - a note from a fellow hiker.  Being on a hike with other hikers should be a wonderful and happy experience for all. Good weather and great scenery are a good start but showing respect and consideration to all involved is also needed. When hiking with the club try to stay as a group, as much as possible, and, if the pace is either too slow or too fast, bring that to the attention of the leader. He or she will find a solution for it, usually breaking the larger group into groups with better matched strides. Pay attention to the pace mentioned in the schedule and try to match it with your hiking abilities. Being too slow or too fast for the hike will work against you and your fellow hikers. And a big thank you for the hike leader at the end is all it takes to make it a perfect hike.