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Federation of Mountain Clubs AGM – June 2018

It has become a tradition for our club to send more than one representative to the FMCBC AGM which changes location every year. This year’s meeting was held in Victoria. Previous meetings were held in Penticton, Vancouver, Kamloops, Castlegar and Squamish. Next year’s meeting will be held in Chilliwack.
In addition to organizing the venue for the meeting, the host clubs are providing accommodation for the attendees and offer a variety of activities, such as hiking and cycling, over the two days of the AGM weekend. While not all the NSH hikers who go to the AGM are attending the business meeting, this event represents a great opportunity for them to meet other clubs’ members and get to know the local hiking holes.
This year, four NSH hikers went to the AGM in Victoria: Cristina Jacob, Katy Poon, Pam Robertson and Donna Nyberg. Next year you could be one of them and you will have the travel and accommodation all supported by the Federation. If you want to learn more about the Federation’s activities and the 2018 AGM here is a link to the FMCBC most recent Newsletter.


Slideshow equipment storage

The club executive is looking for a volunteer to store the slide show equipment including bulky screen, and to transport this to/from Sunrise Community Centre, 1950 Windermere and help with setup for all slide show dates. The next date is Sep 13, 2018.

For transport  a van, pickup truck or a large SUV is required as the screen is approx. 8 ft. If you can help out and preferably live close to Sunrise Community Centre please contact the executive.


Obituary Heinz

A former long time active member of our club, Heinrich "Heinz" Wolff, has passed away, at the age of 103.  He was in good health and good spirits, and still living at home, until just a few days before his passing.

There will be a Celebration of Life on Saturday May 12th at the Renfrew Collingwood Seniors Centre, 2970 East 22nd Avenue in Vancouver, between Renfrew and Nootka.

There are obituaries at Vancouver Sun and at the Province. For more information, feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone (Detroit, Michigan cell phone) at 1-313-643-4132.  I am in Vancouver this week, so don't worry about time zones.

Bruce Wolff,
son of Heinrich Wolff.

NSH’S Most Dedicated Trip Leader

A few years ago long-time NSH member, leader of trips and long serving exec member Patrick Brown scanned all hard copies of the NSH’s past Ravens & schedules and made them available to logged-in members on our website (News >> Raven Newsletters and Activities >> Historic Schedules). He also created a spreadsheet (also visible to logged in members on our website, under Activities >> Past Events) of past hikes from 2001 to 2015. This spreadsheet is a great synopsis of our history and a great source of ideas for trips. It can be sorted by hike, leader etc.  Curious, I sorted by leader to see who our biggest leaders have been.

In fifth place is Dennis Berryman who has led about 160 hikes. Unless he gets out there more often though, Alastair with about 148 hikes might catch up!

In fourth place is Peter Durnford with about 180 hikes.

In third place is Brent Ehrl with about 200 hikes who is leaping after Alan Banwell, in second place with over 200 hikes.

And in first place is IRENE MILLER who with 300 hikes under her belt is still consolidating her lead.

Can she be beaten???

(Written by Alastair Ferries)

Slideshows and Contest, Thurs, April 12, 2018

(Thurs. April 12, 2018.)

Sunrise Community Centre, 1950 Windermere Street, Vancouver.

Doors will open at 7:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served. Bring your own mug.

THERE WILL BE PRIZES!!  Alastair Ferries will present a photo contest on Identification of BC Animals. You will list their names and the person with most correct answers will receive a special prize! In case of a tie, he will show animals of the world to determine the winner.

Sylvia Berryman and Barry Brisebois will present an interesting slideshow on CHILCOTINS WITHOUT A FLOATPLANE. Several trips will be covered with various other club members included as well. This is a beautiful area with many terrain types and is a reasonable travel distance from Vancouver.