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NSH’S Most Dedicated Trip Leader

A few years ago long-time NSH member, leader of trips and long serving exec member Patrick Brown scanned all hard copies of the NSH’s past Ravens & schedules and made them available to logged-in members on our website (News >> Raven Newsletters and Activities >> Historic Schedules). He also created a spreadsheet (also visible to logged in members on our website, under Activities >> Past Events) of past hikes from 2001 to 2015. This spreadsheet is a great synopsis of our history and a great source of ideas for trips. It can be sorted by hike, leader etc.  Curious, I sorted by leader to see who our biggest leaders have been.

In fifth place is Dennis Berryman who has led about 160 hikes. Unless he gets out there more often though, Alastair with about 148 hikes might catch up!

In fourth place is Peter Durnford with about 180 hikes.

In third place is Brent Ehrl with about 200 hikes who is leaping after Alan Banwell, in second place with over 200 hikes.

And in first place is IRENE MILLER who with 300 hikes under her belt is still consolidating her lead.

Can she be beaten???

(Written by Alastair Ferries)

New forum: Private Trips and Travel

We have a new forum for club members seeking other members to join private trips and travel plans. These can be anything from local day-hikes to multi-week treks in distant places.

photo-150x112[1]There is already one posting: Cristina Jacob is planning an eight-day trek, September 2015  in the Carpathian Alps of Romania. Log in to have a look at the forum and subscribe to receive an email when anything new is posted.



photos: C. Jacob

About strong passwords

imagesWhy do we need strong passwords?
Attacks on websites are increasing. Attackers go after any website, not just corporate websites. An attacker's goal may not be to harvest personal data (although he'll do that if he can), but to plant software on the site that enables the attacker to go after other sites. Today all sites get attacked. A common way to attack a site is by trying to guess user passwords to gain entry. Many users pick weak passwords making it easy.

What is a strong password?
A password that is hard to guess and has enough characters that it would take a lot of work to match by trying random passwords. It should also be one you don't use for other websites or accounts. When you select or change your password, this website will show the password strength as you enter it. Please use a password that rates as strong or at least medium.

Aren't strong passwords a pain?
They can be. A password such as 3cuqNNYftKf3Hu is very strong but impossible to remember and a pain to type. This sort of password is often recommended but not practical unless you use a password management program.

I want a strong password I can remember and type easily!
There is simple way: a passphrase rather than a password. Pick four or more unrelated words or a phrase that is unique to you but hard to guess. For example Bill likes blue hats or The trail to Goat Mountain or just some words, kite truck weather box. (But don't use those examples!) Don't use a common phrase, song lyrics or a quotation.

If you can't remember your passphrase, write it down (not on a sticky note on your computer screen), and put it away somewhere. You can use spaces between the words or not. Make the passphrase stronger by adding numbers and symbols. For example, [kite truck weather box]! is stronger but still easy to type. When you enter your passphrase remember that spaces and capital letters mush match exactly with the phrase you chose.

About forums

What is in the forums
The forums were imported from the old website. All the same forum categories and posts are here. Some very old posts were left behind, a few posts failed to import, and posts such as past entries in hike and bike updates were deleted.

Posts from people who are no longer members show "anonymous" as the author name. Some posts from current members may have "anonymous" as the author name and some posts may be misattributed. If you spot one and know the correct author, it can be fixed. Contact the webmaster.

How to subscribe to a forum

  1. On the menu bar put your mouse pointer on Forums
  2. Click on the name of the forum in the drop-down menu. If you don't see the name of the forum you want, click on All Forums and click on the forum name in the list of all forums.
  3. When the forum page opens, just below the title of the forum click on subscribe as in this example:

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.28.12 AM
To unsubscribe, go to the forum and click unsubscribe (where it previously said subscribe) just under the forum title.