Hollyburn Lodge Renewal

The old Hollyburn Lodge at the Cypress Mountain commercial ski area is being rebuilt. The area is hence now a construction zone and closed to the public.

Steve Williamson, Director of Operations for Cypress Mtn., has provided this map to make it easier for hikers to navigate. He also provided the following safety information about the project.

  • Burfield trail will be closed until further notice for the installation of utilities to service the new lodge.
  • Hollyburn trail is open at the present time and will have closures in effect when required. When Hollyburn trail is closed access is via Sitzmark or the trail from the end of lot 4 as marked on the map.
  • The lodge site has been delineated with fencing and access is prohibited unless authorized by Cypress personnel. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment must be worn if access is granted including steel toed boots, hi-vis vest and a hardhat.
  • Clearly marked detours have been placed throughout the Nordic area to guide hikers and cabin owners.
  • Access to first lake picnic areas is still available outside the construction zone orange fencing.

More information about this project and on the background of the lodge can be found at the following links:

We thank Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society for relaying this information to us.